We’re like you. We have jobs and responsibilities; mortgages and rent to pay; errands and families.We spend the majority of our days doing the humdrum family-and-home activities that keep life moving forward. But we crave something beyond our 9-to-5’s, something more fulfilling than checking “Yes” when our TV’s ask us, “Are you still watching?”, something… more. Travel bloggers will have you believe a two week trip abroad is just a couple clicks away. They may promise tips and tricks for cheap travel, but then begin to showcase more premium, promotional, influencer pages, with the single goal of getting more followers (and getting paid).

The good news is that there are ways of capitalizing on our time in order to find our own adventures. There’s always something happening; it’s just a matter of finding it. EML is two regular guys seeking out the adventures that we all crave, and helping discover the real travel tips and tricks for ourselves and for you. We want to help you find a way to put “more” back into your life. And we promise to never lose sight of that. Join us on our adventures, so we can Explore More Life together!